2in1 Mini Washer Portable Ultrasonic Laundry plus Dishwasher washing Machine

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  1. Easy to carry
  2. about 10cm in diameter
  3. USB cable
  4. you can carry it with you on business trips

1: Ultrasonic portable washing machine, three cleaning modes, automatic circulation (2 minutes turbine forward reversal, 1.5-minute ultrasonic vibration, 5 minutes bubble cleaning);

2: Energy saving and environmental protection, compared with the conventional washing machine, this product only needs a small amount of water and can be cleaned in 30 minutes;

3: Easy to carry, about 10cm in diameter, USB cable, you can carry it with you on business trips;

4. The operation is simple, put the product into a pool or bucket with water, pour the laundry liquid, plug in the electricity, and then automatically clean;

5. Appropriate people: students, business travelers, who want to clean separately from conventional washing machines;

Note: This product can not wash large items of clothing, such as jeans, thick coats, etc.; suitable for thin and close-fitting clothing;

Tip: If the washing is completed in 30 minutes, the power will be automatically cut off. If it is cleaned again, it will be powered off for 3 minutes.