Sadoer Osmanthus Fragrance Moisturizing Eye Mask

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Sadoer Osmanthus Fragrance Moisturizing Eye Mask

Osmanthus Essence - Our under eye patches are rich in osmanthus essence. The natural essence will get into the skin around your eyes and give a moisturizing and hydrating effect, improving the dry and rough skin problems.

Easy Absorption - Quickly penetrate into the bottom layer of the skin, replenish moisture, and improve dryness around the eyes. Intensive moisturizing makes your eye area radiant and smooth. The essence of our round under-eye eye pads is easy to be absorbed. Its high absorption effect makes it a great skincare tool for the eyes.

Nourishing Eye Patches - Our around eye patches for skincare are very nourishing. It is enriched in osmanthus essence to nourish the eye area and reduce eye bags and dark circles.

Tightening Skin Effect - Our osmanthus skincare eye patch for both men and women will help to increase skin elasticity and firmness and brightens skin tone. It has firming, smoothing, and softening effects.

Circle Shape - Our skincare eye patches are specially designed in a circle shape which helps the eye patch to fully cover the skin up, under, and around your eyes and to achieve its best effect.

Special Purpose Cosmetics: No Ingredients: Golden Osmanthus Product form: flakes

Skin Type: General Efficacy: moisturizing, hydrating, brightening skin tone, moisturizing